Preparing your sand papers

here is a simple tutorial how to prepare your sandpapers for those who doesn't use file or sanding sponge.

We're doing this to avoid wasting a lot of sand papers and making a messy looking sand papers just like below. (look a those edges). yeah lesson learned.

first here are the sandpapers i just bought (if you have seen my tips on organizing your paints these sand papers where bought on the same day.)

grit: 400 and 1200

Now you will need a ruler and a cutter or art knife. I use an aluminum ruler because i might end up cutting the ruler as well if use a plastic type. Also i suggest you use a cutter instead of your art knife or you will end up having a super smooth edge on the blade that couldn't cut anymore... T_T silly me.

Now fold the sandpaper in half.

Align the ruler on the folded intersection and just run the cutter on it just like what you see below.

continue on folding and cutting the sandpaper until you end up on a small size sand paper.

the size of this is very ideal because it also an ideal size if you're going to use it as a sanding stick.

Now to prepare the sanding stick you will need a Popsicle sticks and glue.

put the glue on the stick.

then attached the sandpaper wait for it dry then do the process on the other side.

Now you have a sandpaper and a sanding stick. :)

Happy Sanding... lol

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