Philippines BAKUC Champions : 2006 - 2009

Few months from now before BAKUC 2010. Some modeler's around the globe already working on their project. In the Philippines few modeler's already started working on their kits(Good luck to all participants!). This year with all the controversies arises i would expect modelers to showcase all they've got. :( Too bad i won't be able to join this year's bakuc though dew to important family matters.

so before going to BAKUC or before you start your project, here are the list of the past BAKUC Champions in the Philippines. :)

"Nathaniel Barrera - 2006 Philippines BAKUC Champion"

"? - 2007 Philippines BAKUC Champion"

"Don Carlos Suratos - 2008 Philippines BAKUC Champion"

"Angelo Guibone - 2009 Philippines BAKUC Champion"

So who will be the next Philippines BAKUC Champion?

All credits photos goes to it's original photographers.
This post will serve as a reference for future builds.

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