Alternative Beams/Stick container

If you have been modifying or scratch building parts you might have already a lot of plastic beams, sticks, paint holders and other stuff just like below. And finding a place to store all this can be drastic. So here is a little tip that can help you.

Here is a PIK-NIK canister (255g) The height and diameter of this canister is ideal for holding plastic beams, sticks, etc. If you're canister is as narrow as Pringles or LAYS canister, it's more likely to stumble from time to time. but this one does not.

After eating all the PIK-NIK inside (I'm quite full now :D) and of couse clean it up first. i put all of my plastic beams, balloon sticks, part holders and all other stuff i can think of.

Another way to clean your table :)
note: if you can't find PIK-NIK in your place try looking for other products that have the same height and diameter. :)

you can also paint the canister if you like. And if you have great eyes you just had a preview of my next project. :)

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