Paint box storage

Here is my previous setup for storing my paints which is really not a good one, paints are stored lying down on one side and occupies a lot of space

Going into Handyman (Robinson's Ermita) i saw this plastic fortune box (mainly used for money storage). And since i'm already in the Hardware store i decided to buy some sandpapers as well, i'll post a tutorial on how to prepare your sandpapers up next.

Size comparison with my old paint storage.

Actual size comparison with Tamiya Paint (Big and small)

Size comparison with Gaia paints and with my extra paint bottle

Inside of the container is quite big. one column can occupy two small tamiya paint bottle.

All other stuff i have are put on the other container that i bought.

Now i have a more organized and cleaner table. :). Being organize can really help you to clear your mind and you can think of more ideas. Hope to see your table organize soon as well. :)

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