KaGuMon - Attack of the new breed


Kamen Rider + Gundam + Digimon concept

I would like to share to everyone my lastest build for this year and will be the last completed kit for this year.

first i would like to explain the concept and where i get the details and design i have come-up with.

Since Bandai have been releasing Kamen Rider model kits and this November they will be releasing a Digimon model kit, i just thought what if the Master gundam was piloted by a Kamen Rider then he integrated a digimon system as a weapon. XD yeah another day that i think like a child.

- Master Gundam (a second hand scrap kit that i bought)

- Kamen Rider (bandai have been releasing various kame rider figures and i really love the simplicity of the design yet it showcase a cool and vibrant concept, which i chose to integrate to this build)

- Digimon i like the new digimon kit and the weapons it have, so i created my own concept of the hand weapon, adding a dragon like head, hyper gama weapon and i also make the outer shell of it as a big shield.
i call it HMDWS (Hyper Mode Digi Weapon System) XD ok another thing i just made up.

It's nice to be a child don't you think?

- The story of the diorama is simply what the title says. This new mobile armor is a cross-over over a cross-over basically giving birth to a new breed. It attacks an enemy base and from that i picture out a scene where there is a falling part of the building and there are people below it. This is my first attempt on adding an explosion effect on the diorama and i must say it's not bad at all. (but still needs some practice!)

- I use almost the same color scheme of the flag of the Philippines (my country) Red + Blue + Yellow

- I also added LED to the God Hand so that it will light up :)

To all the Filipino's and Filipino Modeler's out there. Be imaginative! Be Creative! Be Proud to be PINOY!

Good luck also to all Bandai Action Kit World Cup 2010!


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