Philippine's BAKWC 2010 Statistics

Ok not really statistics of the event but this is a part of my process when i join BAKUC 2009 last year.

Last year i research who are my co-competitors, so it has a been habit lately. Getting information and skills of fellow modeler's in the Philippines through-out the year before the year-end competition is really fun! :D

Based on my current research here are my following headcounts assumption for BAKWC 2010 Participants

I will categorize them per forum/group.

participants in Pro or New Challenger Category
Mechapinoy - 10-20
Pinoygundam - 3-5
MAC -  8-10
GunplaUnderground/TipidPC - 3-5
IPMS - 3-6

ZeroG - 0

well i can represent ZeroG in case I join... hohoho i like being an underdog.

so let's say we count the maximum headcounts per forum/group we will have around 47 participants in BAKWC 2010, well of course this only covers the Pro and New Challenger, and we won't never know until the competition who will join Pro and New Challenger as well. Also there some participants that is not active in any forums at all.

I really like the statistics as of now. It will be a Gunpla CLAN WARS! hohoho, so what group are you in? :D

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  1. I represent MAC and ZeroGunz bro. bwahahaha