SD Knight Gundam - WIP II

don't know how to start this second WIP of my SD knight, i'll keep it brief and short.

the first part of this WIP i extended the legs/foot to change proportions, and i feel the proportion is still not enough and i need more articulations. XD (silly hands)

i saw the part in two using a micro-saw and put a PC part in foot and a ball joint in the legs

i modified the skirt armor as well

This kit is originally a SD valla knight gundam and includes the normal knight gundam version. This kit includes the shield of the knight gundam but without a holding part and a holster for the sword. I modified the shield so that i can use it.

current proportion

and the proportion is not enough, so i decided to add articulation on the body.

i cut the body in two (quite difficult because this kit is small unlike the new SD's today)

i'll be using this ball like parts from an old toy i had.

i cut the balls on the side and trim it to fit in to the lower part of the body

and put the other ball joint on the upper body

current proportion now and the possibilities of the articulation done.

here is the proportion - transformation

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