First Philippines BMKWC 2010 Champion Bum-Ball-Bee

I never featured any modeler's work in my site because it's really not my style but for this build i'll give an exception.

Eric Capucion (ecapz) is a very simple guy, a Family Man and a good friend i must say. He first got my attention when he build predator crossover. On his site you will see a couple of crossover design that really encourage me to do my own crossover concept to be honest.

without further ado

I present to you MG Ball customized by Eric Capucion (ecapz)



more photos on his own blogsite.


  1. Let me be the first to comment bro. First, thank you very much for this feature. And thank you again for not joining. -ecapz

  2. hahaha No need to thank me bro, even before the competition i already said that i won't be joining. ;) enjoy your HK trip bro!