BAKUC 09 Philippine's Entry

Lucky me i would say. and i humbly present to you my greatest work so far yet i know there are still a lot of flaws on this build. and i', still learning a lot and thanks to the ff:

Special Thanks to:
- Rayloke for the warm welcome on Zero G (and of course to all the admins and members there as well ;) )
- Nathaniel Barrera (2006 BAKUC Philippines Champ)
- Mike Tan (One of the AB Masters in Mechapinoy)
- Julius Lim in ZeroG for the honest opinion, and pushing me to go to Pro. thanks in believing. (hope to see you too in HK bro)

Nat and Mike has been my secret critic's on this WIP. highly appreciated comments and suggestions from these guys.

and of course would like to give GOD a warm fuzzy, big HUG and Thanks for giving me skills and strength to finish this. Thanks Bro! :D

and will not forget my Wife and coming baby - for their support and loving care. this Entry is dedicated to my family. See you all in Hongkong ;)

note photos taken 8 hours before the event.

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  1. I love your diorama a lot, man. Congrats and good luck. :)