WIP ZAKU ver 1 - I

At last my very first Zaku!!!!

this kit is traded to my 2nd 1/100 Tieren :)

though it's only a version 1. it is perfect for my learning process and my training as well.

basically this kit seems like the old HG kits even though it's a master grade.

looking at the manual online it's just a semi-skeletal Master Grade.

modify articulation
make this a full Skeletal (PG like i hope)

enough of the chit-chat let the photos do the talkin

rotten manual ahihihih

HG like arms

:D the foot sole would be fun to modify

now the upper body is combine with the lower body (sigh)

WIP starts now.
starting on the head

now the head aseemblye really HG-ish

the small part on the snout can be easily replace with a custom one (will do that later)

One thing i like is that it got metal springs woopeeee

but i'll not use it will replace it with bead like stuff

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