00 Uniqx Commision WIP IV

Kitbash level 2.

Unicorn Thigh
Unicorn Arms
00q swords
Plastic Beam Square 2mm
Plastic Plates 1.2mm

Since someone is eating the plastic beams in local hobby shop here, i have no choice but to use what i have and to push the kit bash process into level 2.

kitbash level 1: swapping & combining parts
kitbash level 2: combining parts, altering normal location of the part, using part for a different purpose.

ok, nevermind the kitbash levels, i just made that up :P

so again i'll just post photos of this WIP and let them do the talking, hope the client like the new BFG of this kit :)

i called this " GUNNILDR ESPADA"



  1. dank...that is some seriously good kitbashing man! Thanks for those step by step pictures!

  2. draven: Thanks for the visit glad you like it.

    chubbybots: kitbashing is fun i must say and adding a more imagination will give kitbashing process another step :) Thanks for visiting!

  3. SUPER NICE !! great Idea on tat kitbash BFG !! :D

  4. Hey bro juju! Glad you like it. :) much easier than scratchbuilding :D