00 Uniqx Commision WIP V

really small update:

i just want to show to my client how the knees look like, after this i'll start on the other detailing stuff, then priming and painting this kit. :) This commission will be completed soon.

Besides applying pla-plates or putty to bulk a particular part of a kit, another way is by using the "inner-extension" method. (Yeah i just made that name up again) If you are an avid fan of WIP threads you might have seen this process before it is simply adding the pla plate or plastic beam on the inner connector rather than adding pla plate and putty, and after that you will encounter a monstrous sanding process. (Which i really hate!)

This inner-extension method will also create an illusion of part exposure, and just to take note this process is not applicable to all kits or concept i must say. this process require experience, research, patience and imagination. -_- ok i'll just the photos i'm being very talkative on this post already.


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