Followed advices from fellow modelers and added washes. I still need to get use to this technique as well but so far I'm loving it!

I was able to finish the two arm guns as well.

On the rear part of this project i feel it's quite empty. so i decided to put a GN generator-like device with cable attach to the back where the two big cannons. Now it looks that the cannons is being powered by the GN generator. :) make sense to me.

Here are some bonus shots and recently i discovered a new Battle version for this build.

featuring Tieren Tusk - simply putting the two arm guns on the shoulder gives it a new feel. :)


  1. Cool! If people didn't see Gundam 00, they might think this is a robot from Armor Core. :D Do you plan to add a little bit combat camo on certain parts to decorate it a bit??? :)

  2. nice! nice! you took an old concept and made it your own. i like the way you've executed your stuff! I just hope you could add more firepower for this baby! like a big, double handed, railgun of some sorts or perhaps some melee weapons eh. The "tieren tusks" are legendary!

    So. you still call this a relax build? hehehe

  3. Thanks for those words Ad'l! well the tieren tusks is just a concept i would still go for the full weapon Tieren Mammoth. :) I'll be planning to create a Tieren Tusks as well but probably not so soon.

    I still feel this is a relax build, because there are no stress during this build, and no deadline to harass me! hehehe, looking on my process i think anybody can do this as well. :)