TIEREN MAMMOTH - "rescue our comrade" diorama

After a 7 WIP threads for this Tieren, this project is now completed.

I name the small diorama as - "rescue our comrade" hope you guys/gals like it!

inspirations on this build:
ambroseyin - fourdom tieren
and Armored Core CREST CR-C75U2 Delta Ver.

I combine both concept on having a four legged 1/100 scale tieren + the two cannon concept from armored core but still with my own design and rendition. :)

click on the small photo to view the larger image.


  1. Looks amazing. The soldiers gives a huge sense of scale. Mammoth is a great word for this. ^ ^

  2. Thanks flawlessexa for those kind words. Yes adding 1/100 scale figure is a tough one because it's either static or too much difficult to acquire.

  3. this is amazing. what a great concept. i think the top guns are a bit too big but wow!