My baby - Annika Shia

July 23rd 2010 - 2am. My wife wake me up and she had blood spotting. Even though I'm exhausted i quickly jump-out of the bed call her doctor and ask what to do... My wife's will be giving birth!

My wife called her sisters and ask for assistance, her sister Blanca advise her to take a bath first before going to the hospital (Thanks Ate Blanca). Re-An and her mom Ate Ana help on calling a cab (Thanks Ate Ana and Re-An). Good thing all the stuff she and her baby need on the hospital are already packed 1 week before.

3am: Me and my wife arrived at Medical Center of Manila and she was assisted immediately.

The doctors says that her water already ruptured and already 2cm, so my wife still needs to go on the labor process for a VERY LONG TIME!

i constantly keep in touch with her doctor thanks to Dra. Christina Magtibay and the other doctors who take good care of my wife and baby.

around 9am: Her doctor advised me that she is still at 3cm, a very long way to go.

around 12nn: Her doctor told me that she reached 5cm, still a long way to go and at a very dangerous situation. If Sharon doesn't reached 8 or 9 cm around 3pm her doctor might CS her. I almost cried when her doctor told me that Sharon is already crying because of the pain.

I prayed to Dear God to gave her enough strength to withstand the pain able to have a normal birth.

3pm: She's only at 6cm... 14 hours of labor but her doctor still gave me hope to a normal labor since the baby inside and my wife's condition were still ok to give normal birth.

I went to the chapel, cried tears for prayers. Asking guidance and help for my baby and for Sharon. During that time i don't care if it is normal or CS. I just want them to be safe, i just want them by my side. I made a promise to God and cried.

around 4pm i went out to buy some food, on my way back i saw the big statue of Jesus. I hold it's hand and pray again. Waiting on the elevator my Mom called...

NANGANAK NA SI SHARON! (Sharon already gave birth!)

Excitement and anxiety, i couldn't wait for the elevator. I immediately run towards the stairs, i run as fast as i could up to fifth floor. exhausted and breathing hard... Her doctor is waiting the the delivery room and assisted me to the nursery room. There i see my baby Annika Shia...

6cm at 3pm opened upto 10cm around 4:30pm. It's a miracle no doubt. Thank you God!

My wife is now recovering and Annika Shia (you can caller her Ash for short) is having a good sleep now. :D

if in case your wondering what is my promise to God... I promised God that i will "Always be a good Father and a good Husband." :)

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