Project: Zeon Seelen-Schlaggerät update: Waist

update: Scratchbuilt Waist

pla plates 1.0
plastic beams triangle
ball joints
kotobukiya parts
others < forgot the names of the materials T_T.


  1. Very very nice! I am planning to do wire stuffs myself and revisit my steam punk roots this year end. I see the motivation put into this build man...keep it burning!

    BTW, I see MSG parts in the mods, they are so much fun aren't they? hehe ;D

  2. yup, I was talking to nath last mechameet about this koto MSG's so i plan to try it so far it's good :).

    You already did some wires stuff before right? one on your 1/60 exia as far as i remember. :D

  3. Yeah, I did some wire stuff before...but not as cool as this bro! keep it up! ;)

  4. looks like a killer kit coming out!
    the final output looks like a sazabi rear i see a possible bakuc entry eh?keep it up!

  5. Good observation as always nath! yup it was basically a copied design of the sazabi's ass hahaha! how's the PG strike you're doing?