00 Uniqx Commision WIP III

a couple of updates:

- finally able to adopt the skirts of Unicorn to 00Q.
- added panel lines to arms and legs
- added the sword bits to the arms (no modification done, i only did a small attachment for it. :) will post about it after finishing this kit)
- client also agreed on the v-fins concept so already modified it and put it into place.


some drama shots

trial knee mods (look stupid so i will change it. just want to show some initial concepts) - it looks like a backpack attach on the knees. lol


00 Uniqx Commision WIP II

Just before Christmas, i want to show some progress on my commission build, nothing much though just initial bashing and detailing done. I'm still not that sure on the v-fin concept i have hope the client will like it.

here are some progress
- added the unicorn shoulder to 00Q (plain kitbash process)
- integrate unicorn chest parts to 00Q
- cleanup of the kit
- minor detailing on the arms (rivet and added additional panel lines)


concept comparison:

from left to right
Unicorn - Uniqx (my concept) - 00 unicorn (my client's concept)


will post more updates after Christmas :) Happy Holidays everyone!

Custom Zeon Respirator and updates on my work area

Today i bought a couple of new tools for my work area and decided to personalize my respirator and my tool tray. I also created my own spraying booth made of sheet of plastics. I designed my Tool tray based on the current tools that i always use. Made it using HIPS (High Impact Sheets) which is very cheap compare to Tamiya Plastic Beams. I putted some Hooks that holds my Pliers and Side Cutters. I'm not sure if i have mentioned this but i also bought another table :D (I got four tables now in my work area). I'm currently getting addicted pimping my work area rather than my kits. I also move the computer table to the other side of the room.

New tools:
Decal tray
Table Vise Clamp
Tube cutter
Clear Visor
Personalize Respirator
Personalize Tool Tray


SD Knight Gundam

Here is my lastest cute work.

SD Knight Gundam,

- added legs for additional height
- modified waist for added height and articulation
- modified arms and feet for additional articulation
- added a cape made of .3 mm pla plate heated in a candle till i get the desired form and shape.

tamiya gunmetal (acrylic)
tamiya black (acrylic)
tamiya gold (acrylic)
tamiya clear blue (acrylic
gaia notes starbright silver (lacquer)
tamiya black (enamel)

WIP can be found here: http://mechdesigns.blogspot.com/search/label/SDK%20WIP


00 Uniqx Commision WIP

This will be my commission build for a friend, He is also a modeler and joining BMKWC. It seems he really like the concept of his previous entry and this time he want's me to build it. The main idea is combining Gundam Unicorn and Gundam 00 Quanta. below are the photos of his previous entry by combining, Unicorn, GNX, Exia, and Double 00 Gundam. The concept is great but there are some flaws on the finish build, probably that's why he would need my help on this.


One thing i can say about the MG 00Q. GET IT! the kit have no seamlines at all! What a great job bandai! i was able to dismantle the parts of the 00Q even without using a knife or looking in the manual. Preparing the parts for removing nub marks and painting.


before i continue on this WIP i will finish my SD Knight gundam first. So stay tune! this will be a fast one.