Custom Zeon Respirator and updates on my work area

Today i bought a couple of new tools for my work area and decided to personalize my respirator and my tool tray. I also created my own spraying booth made of sheet of plastics. I designed my Tool tray based on the current tools that i always use. Made it using HIPS (High Impact Sheets) which is very cheap compare to Tamiya Plastic Beams. I putted some Hooks that holds my Pliers and Side Cutters. I'm not sure if i have mentioned this but i also bought another table :D (I got four tables now in my work area). I'm currently getting addicted pimping my work area rather than my kits. I also move the computer table to the other side of the room.

New tools:
Decal tray
Table Vise Clamp
Tube cutter
Clear Visor
Personalize Respirator
Personalize Tool Tray



  1. wicked, see you got a pipe cutter too.
    wonderful tool to have.

  2. Hi kriz! Thanks for dropping by. Yeah a really must have tool!!! tried it earlier and it work so damn good!

  3. Nice workspace you got there Angelo, really cool. sheers!

  4. Hi Ludo! Nice to see you here! And i'll be honest you are my inspiration to update my workspace. Hope to see your hummingbird fluttership finished soon! I'm always lurking on your site :D you really got great stuff that fits my taste. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. man .. ur workspace way too clean !!
    dun tell me it's always this clean ,just for show right ??? muahahaha

  6. Julius! Do you really need to ask? of course it's.... for show bwahahaha! but every week i need to cleanup. baby getting bigger now need to cleanup up always >.<