Philippine's BAKWC 2010 Statistics

Ok not really statistics of the event but this is a part of my process when i join BAKUC 2009 last year.

Last year i research who are my co-competitors, so it has a been habit lately. Getting information and skills of fellow modeler's in the Philippines through-out the year before the year-end competition is really fun! :D

Based on my current research here are my following headcounts assumption for BAKWC 2010 Participants

I will categorize them per forum/group.

Mamang passed away...

I don't want to get to emotional since crying will make my colds worst... but i still want to express the sadness i feel...
Today, Rosario G. Paler also known as Mamang to her relatives and close friends passed away at 5:15pm at MCI, Imus Cavite... I treated Mamang as my third Grandmother, we're not related by blood but the love and passion she gave to all JT Brothers especially to me is unmeasurable.
It was last month when i last seen her, and she was sick but i didn't hesitate to approach her and give her a kiss in the cheeks. When i started working i rarely seen Mamang because i'm always busy and tired but whenever we meet i would always left a smile in her face... I miss her. My Grandmother on both father and mother side already passed away and she is the only one left that i treated like a relative, like my real Grandmother. Now she's gone... i feel empty again... but I'm also happy since now she can rest in peace with Papang (Her husband that already passed away). Wherever you are always be happy and never forget all the smile and laughter we shared... I can still remember that she will always buy me Ice cream and Hansel (a biscuit that i truly love) whenever I'm in her house.
We will forever miss you Mamang! Maraming Maraming Salamat sa pag-aalaga, pag-papayo at pag-gabay sa amin... T_T We Love you Mamang!
from the JT Brothers we will always love you...

Master Gundam - WIP II

Here is the initial detailing of my current WIP.

some areas still needed some cleanup...


Today i finally able to fix my Compressor. Yipee!

So i did a little cleanup of my work area as well.

Right now i have four tables in my working area.

the current place have a high ceiling so i added some planks to have additional storage area for the boxes and below is i added some hook to accommodate my pilates mat, my acoustic guitar and my tripod. I also put a couch in my place.

the other side is where i put display cab and some storage area.

first table is my gadget area where i put all my techie stuffs, laptop, blackberry, phones, etc.

second table is my workbench where all the magic happens... hihihi

third table is my artist area where all paintings and decal placements are done.

fourth table is where i put my AB set and other stuff i don't have any place to put to.

Also right now this is my favorite past time snack. Oatmeal cookies from Quacker Oats

And this is my favorite bar stool. I really like this because it's stainless steel and the back support and the seat itself is made of hard plastic so even if i'm sweaty i don't need to worry that my seat will smell odd in the future.