WIP ZAKU ver 1 - IV

update: Arm Internal Skeletal and simple Head Mod

Ok this is an Old kit - yes a Master Grade but the arms are more like an NG
so i decided to make this a full skeletal Zaku Ver 1 revised :D

first i cut the part of the upper portion of the biceps which connect to the shoulder

will glue this two together

below you can see that it is very hallow *yeah doesn't seem like a Master Grade

i cut 8 pcs a Triangular Plastic Beam 0.5mm in 0.8mm in height and cement them together to make a square where i will glue the connector that i cut.

then is SB another connector to connect lower arm.

This how it looks like when combine

below how it will be connected so now i got an internal skeletal for the biceps :) will detail this further once i'm done doing the full arms.

also on the outer armor of the lower arm i cut the portion that hinder the articulation of the arms.

see how that simple cut make a big difference :)

ok now i will do a simple process on the head too. First i cut the female pegs where the PC part connects.

then attach it to the internal skull of the Zaku

see now i can connect the head even w/o the outer head armor.

now will support it with epoxy wood clay will detail this further once cured. That's all for now :)

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