WIP ZAKU ver 1 - III

update: body articulation Done!!!
you can see that i cut the lower part of the armor to allow the articulation done inside be emphasize

on the groin area i cut the front groin in two
also on the upper part of modified body i will re-add the part that i cut this will be the connector of the small cut part from the groin (see above)
added some plaplates on the small part so that i can easily cement it on the body.

i also cut a portion on small part attach this will allow the twisting of the upper body from left to right.
(make sure that the body twisting is realistic you wouldn't like it twisting in 180 degrees right?)

i cut a part on the PC part where the front skirts are connected so that the upper body can move like a Zaku ver 2. (this is important)
note: that i didn't cut too much(be careful not to cut the two ball joint hole)
see? fits perfectly.
doing this process you can see now that it's upper body and lower body move like a PG Zaku :D
below are some photos on how greatly this Zaku Ver 1 improve in body articulation after this process.

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